Thursday, October 29, 2015

Meet Franklin Eneh, New Program Coordinator at the HNC Washington Office

The HNC Washington Office is pleased to welcome Franklin Eneh to the HNC team! Franklin will be visiting schools this fall and assisting students throughout the application process.  
A native of southwest Connecticut, Franklin graduated from Clark University with a double major in Psychology & Asian Studies in 2013 and then with a Masters in Public Administration in 2014. During his first semester of undergrad he literally took Chinese 101 on a whim and quickly developed a strong passion for Chinese culture. In 2012 he spent one year in China, studying for eight months with CET Intensive Chinese language programs in Beijing and Harbin, followed by 4 months as an exchange student at the Shandong University of Science and Technology in Qingdao.  

 Franklin’s China interests have led him to several notable experiences such as receiving a Boren Scholarship in 2011 for one year of intensive language study in China and earning 2nd place in the UMASS Boston Collegiate Chinese speaking competition in 2013. He once served as a teaching assistant and then co-instructor for both beginner and intermediate Chinese courses at Clark University. While completing degree requirements for his masters, Franklin worked part-time at an adult day health care center as an interpreter for over 100 Chinese senior citizens in the greater Boston area. Most recently, he completed one year working as resident adviser to the CET Harbin program.
In his spare time Franklin enjoys reading Classical Chinese texts and learning Chinese idioms. But don’t let this bookworm fool you; he is secretly a 麦霸(mài bà) known to sing at KTV bars and once participated in a local singing competition in Harbin.

Franklin is excited to join the HNC Washington Office and the much larger HNC family. He looks forward to meeting prospective students while on the road this fall.