Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Lecture by Richard Brubaker, Founder of Collective Responsibility

The HNC regularly hosts guest lectures in English and Chinese on a variety of different topics. This past week, Professor Richard Brubaker, Founder of Collective Responsibility, gave a lecture on China’s changing economy and the implications for the environment and sustainability. 

Professor Richard Brubaker, who is the Founder of Collective Responsibility, a Shanghai-based sustainability consultancy, gave a lecture titled, “Sustainability, Leadership and Innovation in China.” Professor Brubaker is a Visiting Professor of Sustainability at China-Europe International Business School (CEIBS). He was joined by Chuli Duan, Business Development Manager in Corporate Strategy and SAIS DC graduate. 

The lecture focused on the transition that China’s economy is undergoing and implications that this has for environmental and other sustainability concerns in China and across Asia. Professor Brubaker also focused on entrepreneurial activities in Asian cities that are using new technologies, such as urban aquaculture, to address sustainability concerns, and the numerous opportunities that on-going technological change is creating.