Thursday, August 6, 2015

Community Engagement in Nanjing

The Hopkins-Nanjing Center recognizes the role the Nanjing community plays in the education of our students. In an effort to give back, many students volunteer in the local community. Every Saturday, a group of HNC volunteers spend two hours teaching English classes and organizing activities as part of the Migrant School Learning Initiative (MSLI). The Bainian Vocational School provides training for high school age students from rural parts of China in three majors: cookery, electrical maintenance, and hotel service. After one year, these students are placed in local five star hotels where they can use the skills they've learned. English language skills are very important when working in these hotels, so HNC volunteers are able to make a real difference, while also having fun.

Professor Paul Armstrong-Taylor, co-founder of the MSLI, provided the following photos from the last day of classes and activities at the Bainian Vocational School this past academic year: