Thursday, February 6, 2014

Chinese New Year and Graduating! An Update from Natalie

Natalie Sammarco sends us a final blog post after completing her MAIS coursework and thesis:

"Our mid-year break for Chinese New Year is finally upon us! The past month was a whirlwind because I was finishing my thesis and completing paperwork for Nanjing University. Yet, now I’ve finally graduated! I feel so much better having it all done and seeing my classmates work so hard to complete their tests and papers means that we all deserve this long break.

Just after the term ended, a number of students went to Shanghai to spend a few days before departing for various destinations for vacation. Our career services administrator, Robbie Shields, organized the Asia Trek, which takes students from HNC and SAIS to visit companies in both Shanghai and Hong Kong for a week to introduce them to new industries. Included in this trek was an alumni event held in a posh area of Shanghai, called Xintiandi. In attending this event, I had a great time meeting current students and alums of HNC and SAIS DC.  I found the event to be great for networking, sharing stories, and making friends.

Now I am home in the US for Chinese New Year and will continue my job search here. One reason I’m glad I did the  HNC Certificate followed by the HNC MAIS program is because I am graduating mid-year. There are many opportunities this time of year and I’m glad I receive all the notices from SAIS and JHU. It’s been a fast and easy process getting in touch with companies both within the US and China. With any luck, I’ll be hired soon and that would be a great gift to receive for Chinese New Year. Happy Year of the Horse!"