Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Reflections on Fall Semester at the HNC

Last week while in Nanjing for the meeting of the Joint Academic Committee (JAC), admissions officer Katie Brooks stopped by the student lounge to speak with students as they took a brief break from final paper-writing.  Read on to learn about HNC students’ favorite aspects of the fall semester, and how they plan to spend their winter break:

Favorite Classes:
  • Ellis Gyongyos: Politics of Rural Development with Professor Adam Webb, which included a field trip to a fishing village near Yangzhou
  • Mallory LeeWong: 中国经济和商业法 (Chinese Economic and Commercial Law) with Professor Zhou Changzheng
  • Amanda Wolf: 国际政治经济学 (International Political Economy) with Professor Shu Jianzhong
  • Ryan Murray: Economics of Strategy with Professor Paul Armstrong-Taylor
Favorite Aspect of the Center Outside of Class:
  • Ellis Gyongyos: The caliber of people you’re surrounded by.  They’re not only smart, but have gone out of their way to make their lives better.
  • Mallory LeeWong: The food
  • Amanda Wolf: The people, especially the range of ages.  There’s always something to talk about.
  • Ryan Murray: The Hassenfeld Social Enterprise Fund
  • Anthony Miller: The extracurricular activities, like rugby and rock-climbing

Winter Break Plans:
  • Ellis Gyongyos: Asia Trek*, then time in Nanjing
  • Mallory LeeWong: Asia Trek*, Hong Kong, then home
  • Amanda Wolf: Korea, Nanjing, Vietnam
  • Ryan Murray: Asia Trek*, then Beijing
  • Anthony Miller: Hopefully travel to Central Asia

Thomas Mao, HNC's Unofficial Mascot
In other updates, Thomas Mao, the unofficial mascot of the HNC, has obtained permanent lodging since we last checked in with him, as evidenced by the picture to the right.

Winter break has now officially started and goes until the start of the spring semester on February 17.  Safe travels to all HNC students!

*To read about last year's Asia Trek, click here, and look for a future post about this year's Asia Trek in the coming weeks!