Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Next Stop: Nanjing!

New students have just arrived in Nanjing for orientation and the returning students will be joining them soon.  In preparation, MAIS student Natalie Sammarco has provided some packing tips for China:

"It’s the end of the summer and time to head back to the Center for orientation (it’s this week!!) I am excited to see everyone who will be coming back and to meet our new slew of classmates! Going back to China for any considerable amount of time always gets me thinking about packing. You can only bring a couple suitcases and need to make sure those suitcases weigh 50lbs or under... How does one fit their life into boxes that size? We all do it, though. That’s what being Sinophiles is all about. :-)

Since I’m going to be over there for a bit of time without much access to American amenities, I always try to think of things I’ll miss while I’m over there and try to pack accordingly. I’ve put together a list of some items that I and some other expats have deemed 'pack-worthy' for an extended trip to China. The first three are my personal 'must haves':

  1. Toothpaste: American-made
  2. Q-tip brand cotton swabs: Other types and kinds are flimsy
  3. Deodorant: It’s really expensive to buy over there
  4. Pepto-Bismal, Anti-diarrheals, and a couple regimens of Cipro
  5. Sleeping medicine: for the flight and subsequent jet lag
  6. Multi-vitamins
  7. Get a haircut before you go

The last item on the list was offered by a female expat and I have to agree with her. Many Chinese hairstylists aren’t skilled in the nature of cutting Western hair (yes, there is a difference :-) 

Next stop, Nanjing!!"