Thursday, September 12, 2013

HNC in the SAIS Student Government Association

HNC students in Nanjing are getting settled and participating in a week of orientation activities leading up to the first day of classes on Monday the 16th.  Five-Semester Option students now in DC, however, are well into their second week of classes.  HNC certificate alumna and SAIS MA student Margaux Fimbres is now the Nanjing representative for the SAIS Student Government Association.  Check out some of the activities that Five-Semester Option students have to look forward to during their three semesters in DC:

SGA Activities Fair
"Over the last three years, I have had the opportunity to learn about the many facets of the Hopkins-Nanjing Center, first as a Certificate student and then subsequently as an admissions coordinator in the Washington Support Office. This year, I will be transitioning to a new role as a master’s student at Johns Hopkins SAIS and I will also be representing the Hopkins-Nanjing Center community at SAIS on the Student Government Association (SGA).

This is the second year that the SAIS Student Government Association has had a Hopkins-Nanjing Center Representative and I’m excited to continue the progress that was made last year. As a representative, I am responsible for helping the Five-Semester Option students integrate into the SAIS community and will liaise with the HNC Washington Support Office to best represent the HNCers at SAIS.

SAIS Italian Dinner
The SAIS Student Government Association has already coordinated several events for the SAIS student body, including Orientation, a Student Activities Fair, and a Back to School party. We are also held an Italian Dinner for second-year students on Wednesday and several other events are planned for throughout the academic year, including a Halloween party, an International Dinner, a Mr. and Mrs. SAIS contest, SAISapalooza (student talent show), SAIS Olympics, and a Holiday party!"