Wednesday, May 23, 2018

HNC Spring Break

A few weeks ago, HNC students took advantage of the spring break to finish their Master’s theses, travel around China, and explore new countries! Alexandra Hansen, Certificate '18, shares photos from the HNC community documenting their adventures. 

Sierra Janik (Certificate/SAIS MA), Hong Kong 
A View From the Peak!

 杨乐 (Certificate), Wuxi, Jiangsu, China

赛志伟 (Certificate), Hualian, Taiwan
Flying to the Pacific! 

JesusisLord Nwadiuko, (Certificate/SAIS MA), Tumen in the Yanbian Korean-Chinese Autonomous Region, China
Visiting the border of China and North Korea to learn about 朝鲜族 education and the economy in the region. 

Taylore Roth (Certificate/SAIS MA), Ruili, Yunnan, China
Two Burmese traders returning home after a long day of work in the Chinese border town of Ruili.

Guillermo Garcia (Certificate/SAIS MA), Tiger Leaping Gorge, Yunnan, China 
Trying to smile and enjoy the landscape after a tough hike. 

Caroline Yarber (MAIS), Nanjing, China 
Caroline Yarber and Eli Tirk spent spring break on campus filled with excitement to finish their master's theses.

Ian Echo Faulkner (Certificate), Neiwan, Taiwan
A hidden town in the mountains, views from different coffee shops.

Edmund Xu (MAIS), Nara, Japan 
Chilling with a deer in Nara, Japan.

Alexandra Wasik (MAIS), Karakul Lake, Xinjiang, China
This is at Karakul Lake near the border of Tajikistan. They have horses and camels that you can take around the lake and up into the mountains.

俞梦丹 (Certificate), Bangkok, Thailand  (黄葵 featured)