Monday, July 31, 2017

HNC Alumni Profile: Max Parasol

Max Parasol, MAIS 2012, reflects back on his time at the HNC and his experience as a senior fellow at at Monash University.  Read on to hear how his HNC experience helped further his career.  

Max with his Chinese roommate, Yuguang
Tell us about your current role.
I am a Senior Fellow at Monash University, Melbourne, Australia, where I created two courses about the Chinese legal system for LLM students. I am currently completing my PhD on Chinese innovation policies at the University of Technology, Sydney. I consult based on my research. I previously, spent more than 5 years studying and practicing law in China. I practised law in Victoria, Western Australia, and Shanghai.

How did your experience at the HNC prepare you for this work?
Writing my thesis in Chinese, taught me humility, and an understanding of what is “sensitive” in China. And what is not. My supervisor Professor Li Bin, was outstanding and he really helped me learn how to write a thesis. Through Professors Hua Tao, Zhao Shudong, Feng Chuan, Hill, Webb, Simon and others I learned how to navigate the world objectively and appreciate that life is not black and white. As the only Australian at HNC, I had to navigate both Chinese and American cultures.

What was your most memorable moment when you were at the HNC?
Many great moments. But my best memory is living with Yuguang, my Chinese roommate, for two years, without quarrelling once. I took him surfing in Australia, he was a natural. We saw each other most recently in Shanghai in March 2017. We remain close friends.

What advice would you give for current or future students at the HNC?
It’s the best time of your life. Enjoy. Learn. Be Humble. Don’t be self-righteous. The world is a big, complicated place. Figure out what you don’t like doing. Then figure out what you do like doing. HNC will shape you for the better. Not just your career.