Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Day in the Life of an HNC Student: Tarela Osuobeni

Student life at the HNC is filled with many different events that are dependent on specific interests and community involvement! Here’s a snippet of my typical weekday at the HNC. Enjoy!

9:00am: I wake up and head to find breakfast on 金银街. It’s a street right outside of HNC’s East entrance and it usually has different vendors selling 煎饼 or 包子 for breakfast in the morning. This morning I grab some steamed buns filled with veggies and an egg soaked in spiced tea with soybean milk. Yum!

10:00am: After eating breakfast and getting ready for the day, I go outside into the HNC courtyard to study for my Chinese History Since 1949 class. I start a chapter of 《暴风雨的记忆》 an account on Qin Xiao’s experience during the 1960s Cultural Revolution.

11:40am: I head to the cafeteria for lunch. Usually the cafeteria opens from 11:15 to 12:30 so often times people head straight over after their morning class! After lunch, I go back outside into the courtyard to relax, talk and continue reading for my afternoon classes.

1:00pm: Strategic Studies class in Chinese starts in the West building where classes are! Today, we talked about the U.S. approach to grand strategy and operational strategy by considering war history and different characteristics of American culture.

2:30pm: Class finishes and I head downstairs to wait for an event at 3pm. I surf the internet for more information on a non-profit in order to prepare for a job opportunity I’d like to apply. My attention shifts when one of my friends comes and sits down next to me waiting for the event. We briefly catch up as we wait.

3:00pm: I attend an event on China-US Relations after Xi-Trump Meeting, a talk by Dr. Shen Dingli from Fudan University. He gives his observations about the outcome of the Mar-a-lago meeting between the two presidents through an animated informative speech. Through analysis and critique, he concludes that despite the issues that the two countries face in upholding the One China Policy, regulating the border tax and avoiding war at China’s doorstep, the relationship is destined for greatness with a few bumps.

4:30pm: Chinese History Since 1949 class in Chinese begins! Professor Liu first continues the lecture on Cultural Revolution from last class. Two students act out the scene where Mao meets Nixon before we talk about the U.S.-China rapprochement.

6:00pm: Class ends and I head out to dinner with a Chinese classmate and an American classmate from class. Our friend Yang Lu takes us to a dumpling restaurant on Nanjing’s campus that’s discreetly placed but soooo yummy!!

7:15pm: We get back to the HNC and I briefly join a meeting about the Nanjing Wall Walk event on Saturday! Co-director Davies talks to us about what to expect on during the walk on and around the old Nanjing City Wall.

8:00pm: I attend dance/cheerleading practice with friends for the Dragon Boat race. Even though I’m not dancing, I go to support and have fun!

9:00pm: I Skype a friend from home, then start to prepare for bed and class, which starts at 9:50am the next day.

12:15am: I lay my head down and catch up with my roommate about her day before I slip into a deep sleep. The next day waits!

Written by Tarela Osuobeni, Certificate '17