Tuesday, January 24, 2017

HNC Application Deadline: February 1

The HNC Application deadline is just one week away! All application materials must be submitted by 11:59pm EST on February 1. Click here to access your application.

Last Virtual Info Session before the Application Deadline
Have questions about your application, financial aid or what happens after you hit ‘submit’? Join us for the last virtual session before the application deadline. Admissions representatives will be going through each section of the application and sharing useful tips.

The info session will be held on Wednesday, January 25 at 12:00-1:00pm EST. RSVP by clicking here or, at the scheduled time, click here and login as a guest.

As you make the final touches on your application, check out past blog posts for application tips. If you have additional questions about your application or would like to speak with an admissions representative, email nanjing@jhu.edu

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

HNC Chinese Student Interview: Wu Ye

中美中心的中国学生采访: 我情爱的室友,吴叶


Since coming to the HNC, I’ve been wanting to give people an idea of what it’s like to live here with a roommate who I happen to get along with remarkably well. Though I also lived with roommates during my undergrad years, the living situation here at the HNC has some notable differences.  Most international students at the HNC are paired with a Chinese roommate, so two students from different cultural backgrounds share the same dorm room and everyday living space. This also gives us the opportunity to practice speaking on a regular basis in our target language, and to help each other with class assignments and editing final papers.  My roommate, Wu Ye, has given me a better understanding of the Chinese language, Chinese culture, and regularly helps me deal with some of the more mundane issues one runs into when living in a foreign city. We are not just roommates, but also close friends. She makes every day I spend here at the HNC even more 愉快!


吴叶:国际经济(International Economics)。我本科学的是行政管理(Public Administration)。







Written by Amanda Bogan, HNC Certificate '17 

Monday, January 9, 2017

Sports at the HNC

I walked across the basketball court toward the crowd of HNC students standing on the sideline.  It was Friday night and we were at the last game of Nanjing University’s basketball season. As we formed a student section, the HNC team warmed up for the basketball game that would soon begin. In Chinese universities, athletic seasons usually revolve around competitions between teams from each department. Earlier in the semester, they formed the annual中美中心 basketball team. Our team had made it to the final tournament matchup and was set to play the physics team. Players on our team included both international and Chinese students that hailed from as far as California, USA to Henan, China. 

Every year, HNC’s sports interest groups are dependent on students that start them. Within this semester, multiple workout interest groups have emerged, adding on to student life on campus. HNC’s modest fitness center is equipped with essential athletic gear for activities such as weightlifting, yoga and basketball. In addition to individuals who work out daily, our gym is typically filled with groups who primarily focus on plyos, yoga and insanity workouts throughout the week. Personally, my favorite group is the student-led hip-hop dance class. Another HNC student also holds lacrosse practices that welcome both students and interested Nanjingers. They usually practice on the field in the middle of the running track, which is a 3-minute walking distance from the HNC. Adjacent to the track are the basketball courts where you find Nanjing students hooping when the weather is nice. The sports facilities at HNC and Nanjing University definitely fulfill the desire for an active student life. 

Friday’s tournament final between HNC and the physics department took place in the indoor basketball courts building. We cheered loudly throughout the game as we experienced thrilling and suspenseful moments of skilled ball handling and jaw-dropping 3-pointers. Chants of “DEFENSE,” “HNC, that’s my team,” “中美中心” and “加油” filled the building. By the end of the game, HNC’s basketball team fell short but our student section’s support highlighted a camaraderie that has grown among HNC students. We can’t wait to watch them again next season. In the mean time, we need to come up with more HNC chants!

Written by Tarela Osuobeni, HNC Certificate ‘17 

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Farewell to 2016

The Hopkins-Nanjing Center bids a fond farewell to 2016, the year we celebrated our 30th anniversary and our role as the longest running Sino-American joint education program in China. As we toast the beginning of 2017, we also thank the many people who celebrated the HNC’s achievements in 2016 with comments like the following:

I have often heard it said – perhaps because I have said it so often myself: the China-U.S. relationship is the most important in the world….And our leaders are more likely to act wisely if the American and Chinese people continue to learn about each other, communicate with each other, and make the effort to better understand one another through institutions such as the Hopkins-Nanjing Center.
                            Madeleine K. Albright
                            Chairman, The Albright-Stonebridge Group
                            Former US Secretary of State
                            June 18, 2016

The unforgettable experiences I had [at the Hopkins-Nanjing Center] broadened my horizon and also helped me open my mind and develop a deep understanding of market economy. Since then, in every post that I [have] held, whether in local municipalities and provinces or the head of ministries of the central government, my work benefited enormously from the inspiration I received at the Center.   
                            CHEN Deming
                            President of the Cross-Straits Association
                            Former Chinese Minister of Commerce
                            June 18, 2016

I’m always inspired watching this [HNC] partnership in action….a partnership built on the shared vision of educating young scholars to serve as leaders. A center that convenes essential dialogue, provides analysis that informs our thinking across disciplines and borders, and helps us navigate the challenges that we share as a global community. 
                            Ronald J. Daniels
                            President, Johns Hopkins University
                            October 10, 2016

Sino-US ties are based on people, and hope for the future lies in the youth of today….As one of the first practitioners of Sino-American cultural exchanges, the Hopkins-Nanjing Center has made great progress in the past 30 years and maintained positive momentum in the development of relations between our two countries.  Almost three thousand alumni of the Hopkins-Nanjing Center are contributing to the promotion of understanding between people in our two countries and all over the world, in order to respond to the most important challenges of our time. 
                            YANG Zhong
                            Senior Vice Chancellor, Nanjing University
                            October 10, 2016