Tuesday, July 19, 2016

SAIS China and Project Pengyou “Building Your China Career” Event

Last month, SAIS China, in cooperation with Project Pengyou, co-hosted Building Your China Career: Opportunities in the U.S.-China Space at Johns Hopkins SAIS in Washington, DC. Project Pengyou is part of a growing national movement to increase the number and diversity of Americans studying abroad in China. The event included a panel discussion that explored the rewards and challenges of working across U.S.-China sectors as well as the growing opportunities that China is creating in the U.S. job market.

The three panelists currently work in the U.S.-China relations sphere across a variety of sectors. Panelist Serena Lin from CCTV America was part of the founding team of CCTV America in Washington, DC. Gabriel Morris, previously the Vice President of Chinese-owned enterprise CITIC Securities and now working for Goldman Sachs Gao Hua Securities, shared his experiences from the financial sector. Travis Thompson, Executive for the Brunswick Group, shared his perspective from the public relations angle. The panel discussion was moderated by Mei Yan, Senior Partner of the Brunswick Group and Holly Chang, Founder of Project Pengyou and Executive Director of Committee of 100.

Panelists addressed the challenges of adapting to a different cultural environment that come with working in a foreign country or for a foreign organization. To overcome these barriers, panelists encouraged students to be active problem solvers and emphasized that working in the U.S.-China sphere requires flexibility, resilience and an open mind.

SAIS China and Project Pengyou welcomed 25 Project Pengyou student leaders representing colleges and high schools from across the nation to this event. Project Pengyou student leaders are American and Chinese students who have lived or studied in the United States and China. These students lead the Project Pengyou Chapters at their home institutions to promote U.S.-China exchange.

To learn more about the event and Project Pengyou, please click here.