Thursday, January 7, 2016

American Football in Nanjing: Nanjing Emperor Kings

Outside of all student groups and activities at the HNC, students also get involved in the Nanjing community. This year HNC students have been able to share American culture through football. James Fitzgerald, Second-year MAIS student and the coach for a local American football team, Nanjing Emperor Kings, is pleased to report the first win for the team.

After a year of local development, the Nanjing Emperor Kings, the first fully padded American Football team of Nanjing, won their first game in club history against the Fudan University Dragoons. Seven students from the Hopkins Nanjing Center participated in the event as players, referees, and the head coach of the Nanjing team. The event included cheerleaders, food and drink for sale and a news team covering the game on and off the field. The Emperor Kings have games arranged for the fall and spring hoping to raise their level of play to eventually join the national circuit and compete against teams from all over China.


Written by James Fitzgerald, Masters Candidate HNC '16 , Coach Nanjing Emperor Kings