Thursday, December 10, 2015

Financial Aid and Fellowships

The Hopkins-Nanjing Center strives to make the costs of graduate study affordable to all applicants and offers fellowships based on financial need and academic merit. We hope that this post guides you through the financial aid process. If you have any questions about fellowships or applying for financial aid, please contact admissions at   

HNC Fellowships
The Hopkins-Nanjing Center is continuing to award fellowships to 100% of all applicants who submit a financial aid application by the February 1st deadline.  Fellowships range in size and are based on academic merit, financial need and availability. The HNC also offers a limited number of Dean’s Fellowships, full tuition fellowships awarded for one-year of study, to students who demonstrate academic excellence, outstanding leadership ability and service to their communities.

We are pleased to be offering Future Leader Fellowships to all students accepted into the 2-year MA in International Studies (MAIS) program. This fellowship guarantees $10,000 per each year of study to all MAIS students who apply for financial aid. MAIS students are also considered for additional fellowship funding.   

Federal Funding
As the Hopkins-Nanjing Center is a U.S. accredited program, U.S. applicants can apply for federal funding in the form of loans and work study. Federal loans can cover up to the full cost of attendance including the cost of living. To apply for federal loans, students need to submit a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) by February 1st at The HNC uses the SAIS Title IV FAFSA code, which is E00474. For more information on applying for federal loans, visit the tuition and financial aid section on this blog.   

Applying for Financial Aid
Applying for financial aid is simple and should only take about 10 minutes. To be considered for HNC Fellowships, Future Leader Fellowships and Dean’s Fellowships, submit your financial aid application by February 1st. The application is a short, two-page form that can be found in the downloadable forms section on the online application. There is no additional essay required. Fellowships are awarded based on applicants’ admissions application. There is also an additional comment section where students can make any extenuating financial circumstances aware to the Financial Aid Committee. 

External Fellowship Opportunities
We encourage students to research and apply for external fellowships. Pay attention to fellowship deadlines as they are often before the HNC admissions deadline of February 1st. It may seem counterintuitive, but you can apply for the fellowship before you receive an admissions notification from the HNC.  Fellowships that are targeted specifically to students in graduate international relations programs are:

We encourage students to look for additional external funding opportunities. The following resources may be helpful with your search:

Chinese Government Scholarships
The Chinese government awards scholarships to international students completing graduate study in China. However, since HNC tuition, housing and insurance are paid to Johns Hopkins University, this scholarship will not cover these costs. This scholarship can provide a modest monthly living stipend. Please note that if you are considering a career in government that security clearances often ask if you have previously accepted money from a foreign government.