Thursday, December 3, 2015

Asia Career Trek

Last week, Robbie Shields, HNC Career Counselor, led HNC and SAIS students on a five day career trek to Shanghai and Hong Kong. Students met with representatives at organizations in a variety of sectors ranging from global risk consultancy to pharmaceuticals to finance.

The Asia Career Trek, held annually by the HNC and SAIS, is open to students on all of the SAIS campuses: Washington, Bologna and Nanjing. This year, nearly all of the students participating were HNC students. The trip is designed to have students meet with professionals the field face-to-face, learn different organizations and network with potential employers and alumni. Organizations that the students visited represented a variety of different sectors in the financial hubs of Shanghai and Hong Kong. The large majority of visits were hosted by a HNC, SAIS or JHU alumnus which goes to show how HNC students not only become a part the HNC alumni network, but also the Nanjing University, SAIS, and JHU alumni networks. The Asia Career Trek is a great opportunity for students looking for employment after graduation and summer internships. Year after year, students report overwhelming positive experiences of the Asia Career Trek. 

This year the trip kicked off in Shanghai and included visits to Johnson & Johnson, Wells Fargo, FTI Consulting, Deloitte, AGI and Control Risks. Students had the opportunity to network with HNC and SAIS alumni at a reception in Shanghai. 

Students at AIG Headquarters in Shanghai
Students at the alumni reception in Shanghai
Shanghai alumni reception
Shanghai alumni reception
The group spent the second half of the trip in Hong Kong. Students visited the following a number of multinational companies and banks: HSBC, Morgan Stanley, BBVA, JP Morgan, BNP Paribas, Goldman Sachs, Macquire, Citi, APCO, Economist Intelligence Unit and Fitch Ratings. Students were also invited to meet with HNC and SAIS alumni at a reception in downtown Hong Kong. 

Students at HSBC conducting an employer briefing in Hong Kong 
Students at HSBC
Taking the Hong Kong metro 
Break for lunch in Hong Kong
Students at Citibank headquarters in Hong Kong
Hong Kong Park
Look for a post later in the academic year on the Beijing Career Trek. For more information on career services offered at the HNC, click here.