Tuesday, November 24, 2015

The First HNC Open House for Prospective Students

Earlier this month, the HNC hosted the first Open House for prospective students. Read on to learn more about the event from the HNC American Academic Coordinator, John Urban.

Hi guys, John Urban here. I am the American Academic Coordinator at the HNC, and I am based in Nanjing, China. One of my responsibilities is recruitment of international students in greater China. This part of my job has me traveling to language programs in Beijing, Hangzhou, Harbin, Shanghai,
and other cities in China visiting language programs and presenting to students studying Chinese. 

When I am on the road, I am always sure to show lots of pictures of the HNC facilities and students doing activities, as well as shots that try to capture the unique HNC atmosphere. So, when we decided to hold our first-ever prospective students open house before the semester started, I knew that it had potential to be a great success. Thankfully, I believe it was! Prospective students came from all over China, including Beijing, Shanghai, Guizhou province, Guangdong province, and Nanjing.

While we had held open houses in the past for admitted students typically in the spring, this was the first time we had held an event for students who were merely interested in applying to HNC. The event was held on a Sunday and Monday. On Sunday, students heard opening remarks from the
American Co-Director Dr. Neil Kubler, and a presentation by career services counselor Robbie Shields. After touring the HNC facilities, students had dinner with program coordinator, Zach Valenta, and me at a nearby restaurant. The night was followed up by a happy hour of milk and cookies with current HNC students, Dr. Kubler, and four of the resident international faculty. The informal setting also allowed prospective students to get an inside, unfiltered idea of what HNC student experience is really like. Afterward, prospective students were invited to sit in on the Philosophy Interest Group’s weekly Sunday evening discussion with current HNC students and resident faculty. Students found it to be thought-provoking, and certainly didn’t mind the free wine that the professors kindly provided.

On Monday, students had breakfast and lunch in the cafeteria, and had the opportunity to observe two classes – one in the morning and one in the afternoon. Students had the option of observing Social Issues of China’s Modernization or China’s Development and Environment at 9:50 AM and either
Contemporary International Politics or Chinese Economic and Commercial Law at 1:00 PM. The day concluded by a final Q&A session with me. As this session took place in the student lounge, students were able to once again mingle with current students who were there.

Given how successful this event was, we plan to hold it again next fall! If you missed the event but would like to visit the Hopkins-Nanjing Center, please send me an email: jurban [at] hnc.nju.edu.cn

Written by John Urban,  American Academic Coordinator