Tuesday, June 9, 2015

HNC Student and Alumni Connections

HNC students in Professor Paul Armstrong-Taylor's Corporate Finance class recently had the opportunity to connect with an alumnus working on mergers and acquisitions.  HNC '14 alumnus Lee Henely now works for Bank of America Merrill Lynch in their Palo Alto office.  Via a video connection from Silicon Valley, he explained to current students how and why mergers and acquisition deals happen.  He also led the students through a case study to illustrate these lessons.  Finally, in the Q&A session, Lee spoke of the value of his HNC experience in his current job and how he hopes it will continue to help him reach his future career goals.  Knowledge of China and Chinese is increasingly important in the venture capital world, and Lee hopes to be able to leverage this by returning to China at some point in the future.  Professor Armstrong-Taylor said, "I think this provides an opportunity to show that the HNC brings a range of skills that are valued in careers where you might not think Chinese is critical.  Also, it shows the dedication that alumni have to helping current HNC students."

HNC '14 alum Lee Henely connects with current Corporate Finance students via Skype