Thursday, June 25, 2015

Field Research in Rural China

As we have previously featured, HNC students are often able to take advantage of our location in China to engage in learning outside of the classroom.  Another example is Professor Adam Webb's Politics of Rural Development course, which includes an annual field trip each fall to a different village in Anhui or Jiangsu province.  On the trip, students conduct interviews on specific topics of their own choosing, which they then combine with further research to complete the final paper for the class.  Of this field experience Professor Webb said, "This brings to life some of the rural issues that we cover in the class, and for many students (both international and urban Chinese) this is a rare opportunity to talk directly with people in the countryside."  He also noted the high level of camaraderie among students in this class, who often work closely together during the interviews.  Check out pictures from this past fall's trip below:

Professor Webb and students
Photo credit: Patrick Lozada