Thursday, January 15, 2015

Things to Keep in Mind as the Application Deadline Approaches

On this blog we've provided tips on topics from writing effective essays to applying for financial aid and choosing the best recommenders.  Today we have a few application tips that didn't fall neatly within one of those previous posts:

Confirming Transcripts and Test Scores
Due to the volume of supporting documents arriving in our office prior to the February 1 deadline, we are unable to confirm receipt of individual transcripts, GRE scores, and recommendation letters. We will be in touch with you if something is missing from your application, and we are always available to answer other questions about the application or program.

Calls from Parents
Families are great! Especially families that are supportive of your graduate school plans.

That said, when parents become too involved in your application, it makes us question whether you are ready to pursue graduate study in a foreign country. There are always exceptions for emergencies, but when you have questions about our programs or the application, we want to speak with YOU, not your parents.  Many parents call because their child is overseas.  If you are currently studying abroad, we are more than happy to answer your questions by email or to arrange a Skype conversation with you. Your parents can also think of this as practice for FERPA when we are legally unable to release student record information.

Email Addresses

While your email address will never affect the admissions decision made by the Admissions Committee, you may still want to look into creating a new account if your email account dates back to high school. Future employers may not be as generous as our admissions committee if your email address contains your embarrassing high school nickname or is a shout-out to your love for frogs. You can never go wrong with an email address that includes your name. Just a general life tip!

Hit that Submit Button!
One of the last steps in the application process is to pay the $85 application fee, but once that's done you can't rest yet!  Be sure you hit the final submit button AFTER paying the fee, otherwise you risk your application not being reviewed by the admissions committee.  Past applicants have missed this last step, so it's definitely something you'll want to pay attention to.