Thursday, May 15, 2014

HNC Pre-Departure Forms and JHU Email Access

It's an important week for incoming students!  Please read the sections below for more information on pre-departure forms and activating your JHU ID.

Pre-Departure Forms
This is a reminder that Pre-Departure Forms are due tomorrow, Friday May 16.  These include:
  • Form 1: JW202 Student Information 
  • Form 2: Visa Information and Arrival Plans
  • Form 3: Roommate Preference Form (for students living in double rooms)
It is crucial that these forms be submitted on time so that supporting documents for your Chinese visa application can be created in Nanjing.  These documents will then be mailed to you in late-June.  If you have any questions while filling out the pre-departure forms, please contact   

Johns Hopkins University ID and Email Access
All incoming students will be receiving an email later today containing instructions on how to activate your Johns Hopkins Enterprise Directory Login ID (JHED LID).  This ID is required to access your JHU email account, the ISIS Self-Service system for bills, and the student portal.  

Once you have set up your JHU email address, you should plan to check it regularly or set up forwarding rules so that JHU emails will be routed automatically to the personal email account you typically use.  DO NOT IGNORE THIS EMAIL ADDRESS.  The JHU email address is the one that JHU and SAIS offices will use to communicate with you about your student account, financial aid, etc.  You are responsible for information disseminated by JHU/SAIS using your JHU email address.

We look forward to welcoming you to Nanjing this fall!  Please contact if you have any questions at all as you prepare for your time at the Hopkins-Nanjing Center.