Thursday, April 10, 2014

HNC in Seoul

Yonsei University
HNC Admissions Coordinator Sallie Ly (formerly Sallie You) recently visited Korea.  While there, she had the opportunity to visit three Korean universities to meet with students interested in the Hopkins-Nanjing Center.  Read on for more information on her campus visits:

Last month, I took a trip to Korea to visit my extended family. While I was there, I had the chance to meet prospective students and recruit for the HNC. I visited three of the top universities in Korea, Yonsei University, Korea University and Ewha Women’s University.
Waffles at Yonsei
At Yonsei University, I visited an Advanced Chinese class with about 40 students. Yonsei University campus is filled with lots of history and beautiful buildings. Near the main entrance you will find a variety of street vendors and restaurants. I couldn’t help myself but to indulge on a delicious waffle drizzled in honey from a street vendor.
Next up was Korea University, which has a beautiful campus with a large international presence. I especially loved Korea University’s spacious grassy area where students can study, have a picnic and congregate. It reminded me of my alma mater, Michigan State! Korea University ‘Tigers’ are well known for their rivalry with the Yonsei ‘Eagles’.
Ewha Woman's University
The entrance to Ewha Woman’s University is very energetic with shops, restaurants and street vendors. The Ewha University entrance street is famous for hair salons and cheap food – this has been my go to neighborhood to look for good affordable hair salons.  Ewha campus was filled with energetic ladies – they were having a campus event that involved lots of cheering the day I visited!
Varsity Jackets in Korea
One thing I noticed about Korean students was that they represented their school affiliation with varsity jackets with their university name and major, like the one to the left.
It was really fun to experience Korea’s university life as I walked through the three campuses and I look forward to reading applications from Korean applicants in the future!