Friday, December 13, 2013

The Hopkins Connection in China: Huihang Hiking Trip

As an HNC student, you will have the opportunity to connect with Hopkins alumni networks worldwide.  Prior to Thanksgiving, the Hopkins Shanghai Alumni Club organized a fall hiking trip to the Huihang Ancient Caravan Trail or 徽杭古道.  The stands for Anhui Province, and the stands for Hangzhou, which is located in Zhejiang Province. This ancient trail was used for centuries by Huizhou merchants to transport goods between the fertile interior (Anhui) and prosperous east coast (Zhejiang), and the 25km path is (mostly) paved with ancient stones which date back to the Tang Dynasty.  HNC American Academic Coordinator Angela Chang tail-ended her fall recruiting trip to Shanghai and Hangzhou with the hiking trip and spent two days in the company of twelve other Hopkins alumni and friends, enjoying their time away from the city.

A gorgeous field of reeds (芦苇)

       “Family planning is tied to rural economic development”

Learning how to skip rocks     

       We reached the end of the trail!
For more pictures, check out the Shanghai Alumni Club's Flickr account!