Thursday, October 3, 2013

Beginning of the year hiatus!

HNC students are all on break this week for the National Day holiday.  Below you can read about what HNC MAIS student Natalie Sammarco is up to this week:

"We’ve had quite a few breaks in these beginning weeks of school back at HNC. It’s been nice, actually, a good way to ease into the school year.

The first break was Mid-Autumn Festival. That gave us a couple days break from class in the first week. Usually this holiday is a couple weeks later but because it’s planned according to the lunar calendar, it came early this year :-) The best part about this holiday is the moon cakes! I really love the red bean flavored ones since they are a good counterbalance to the sweetness of the pastry in which it is encased. Yum!

Since the term just started, the 'Founding Day' holiday is upon us, October 1st. This is the holiday that celebrates the founding of the People’s Republic of China in 1949. For many who just start at HNC, this holiday comes up pretty quickly. Some even say it’s too soon because we haven’t even gotten our feet wet before we have a week long break. As this is my 3rd time celebrating the October holiday at HNC, I am glad I have learned to plan a little bit :-) ***Advice: If you’re applying to HNC and want opportunities to travel, make sure you plan for this holiday! No one ever thinks to go anywhere or plan ahead but it’s totally doable.

I am in Shanghai for the week doing research for my thesis and am staying with some great HNC alums from last year. I think that’s one of the best parts about HNC, the people who go there. I’ve made amazing friends who are awesome enough to let me crash at their places when I need to come do research or just get out of Nanjing for awhile. I have love for Nanjing, but when I’m writing, it helps to get away and clear my head.

The cool part is that the Deputy American Co-Director, Milo, has just completed the MA carrel (study space) lottery and I am in the same carrel with one of my best friends and fellow MA student, Sophia :-) There are things to look forward to when I head back to Nanjing in a week! Let the thesis juices flow!"