Monday, September 23, 2013

Back to School!

MAIS student Natalie Sammarco sent us an update from HNC now that she is back in Nanjing:

"So, we’ve been here a week and so much has gone on. The new students are really excited to be here and, from those I’ve met, they’re really enthusiastic about the classes and general atmosphere. As usual, we had orientation week, a basic necessity for those who are new because you need to learn about how to use HNC’s specific computer system, library system, where to go and who to go to for help. It’s a lot to absorb but the new students seem to been taking it in stride and I’m so excited to see them buzzing.

After orientation is ‘shopping week’, which means you can go to every and any class you wish to help you decide what to choose when you officially register. Even though I’m in my final semester (i.e. just writing my thesis, no classes), I wanted to check out a couple classes. Our professors are very cool and it’s nice to see them back in action after the break. They seem very hopeful about the term as well.

We had our kick-off talent show last Wednesday where our students, new and old, got to show off some of their skills. We had group games, skits (how did everyone get to know one another so well? We’ve only been here a week!-- that’s HNC), taekwon-do, a Chinese classmate rapping the Black Eyed Peas, and performances by a student band. It was really impressive and the entire school turned out for it.

Needless to say, the atmosphere hasn’t settled down into classes yet, but it will soon, in the coming weeks. Adding to the awesome-ness of ‘back to school’ is the weather in Nanjing. Above is a photo of the blue skies Nanjing has graced us with for more than a week now :-) So pretty."