Monday, August 5, 2013

Introducing HNC’s New Chinese Proficiency Test!

We are excited to announce that August 1 was the official launch of our new Chinese proficiency test!  We already featured a sneak peek of the STAMP test back in May, but just to review: 

  • It's online!  Applicants outside of the US will no longer need to worry about shipping costs.
  • It's adaptive. The STAMP will test your reading and listening skills but will adjust to your level depending on your answers to previous questions.
  • It's quick. The test takes about two hours and you will receive your score within two business days.  No more waiting several weeks for your test results. 

The HNC Office of International Admissions recommends a score of 1200 if you are applying for the Certificate or Five-Semester Option programs and a 1300 if you are interested in pursuing the MAIS program.  As this will be the first year using this new test, the Admissions Committee will also take other components of your application into consideration when reviewing Chinese proficiency, such as grades in Chinese language classes and recommendations from Chinese language instructors.  Students who intend to have further Chinese language study between taking the test and enrolling in the program should make this clear on the application, as this information can play a role in admissions decisions. 

For more information and to request the STAMP test, please visit the Chinese language page of our website