Friday, August 23, 2013

Culinary Map of Nanjing

Drue Banta, a recent graduate of the Center’s M.A.I.S. program, compiled a very comprehensive list of some of the best restaurants in Nanjing. If you’re headed to Nanjing as an incoming Hopkins-Nanjing Center student (or even if you’re just passing through), be sure to add these to your culinary bucket list!

东北菜馆 - 鼓楼四条巷(近南大西北门)
A homey mom-and-pop shop, this restaurant offers a solid array of affordable Dongbei dishes.

海底劳火锅 - 龙园西路58号黄河大夏2C区(近龙江金润发)
If you haven’t tried this top-quality hot pot establishment, you haven’t truly experienced China. Save it for special occasions such as birthdays/graduation parties or not, you will never regret spending extra for the world’s best service and kungfu noodle dances.

阿拉丁新疆风味餐厅 - 汉中路罗廊巷43
If you like Xinjiang food but don’t fancy the lengthy commute out to Western China, this restaurant offers terrific lamb and naan dishes as well as homemade yogurt that will keep you coming back for more.

HNC alum David Martinez with lotus root fries
云南美食坊 - 宁海路122号南京师范大学随园校区
The lotus root fries and mashed potatoes will knock your socks off, as will the rest of the authentic Yunnan menu.

The fresh vegetables and authentic Vietnamese fried pork dishes are as amazing as the prices – the perfect meal for an adventurous HNCer on a budget.

麻辣盛艳 - 狮子桥9号天狮百盛大酒店附近
If you like complete customization of your dining experience or just want an excuse to check out the Lion’s Bridge walking street, definitely hit up this cool modern Chinese restaurant.

老妈牛肉拉面 - 上海路1544106  
An HNC student classic, this restaurant offers all the usual cheap Lanzhou dishes and the owners are always fun to chat with.

Valentina’s – 广州路162
This newly opened Mexican restaurant is a must visit and one of the most unique venues in Nanjing and all of China! Not only are the dishes 100% halal, affordable, AND delicious, but the owner is one of HNC’s very own – Ms. Judith Ordaz!

Friends – 汉口路陶谷新村4-2
Bring your books or laptop to this café and enjoy the good food and drinks and hospitality – you won’t be disappointed.

Lotus – 上海路209
A good counterpoint to the more famous Skyways bakery across the street, Lotus is definitely up-and-coming with its desserts and drinks, as well as its unique sandwich and pizza offerings.

Pisa Pizza – 上海路81-8
Pisa Pizza
What did we do in Nanjing before this amazing Nanjing chef came back from touring the Mediterranean with his new pizza recipes? The pizzas and calzones are also available for delivery for no extra charge.

Behind the Wall – 上海路150
Come for the chimichangas, stay for the strawberry mojitos and sangria accompanied by live classical Spanish guitar.

MoMentum – 上海路209
If you’re craving something crazy tasty like a turkey and cranberry sauce wrap or a Philly cheesesteak sandwich with onion rings and a fruit or Oreo smoothie, this place will definitely surpass your expectations and keep your taste buds happy for however long you’re in Nanjing.

Taj Mahal – 上海路189
If you like well-priced Northern Indian food, this is the place for you. Run by friendly Nepalese, check out their awesome lunch combos or bring some friends and share an endless variety of curry dishes for dinner.

Jimmy’s Bar  石鼓路193号石鼓湾美食街新乐园内
This staple of the Nanjing expat community offers solid deals on tasty American food and drinks and always hosts a lively crowd – especially on weekly trivia nights.