Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Roommate Pairings at the HNC

Tomorrow, we will be sending out pre-departure forms to all enrolling students, including a roommate preference form. Students who have designated that they will live in a double room will have the opportunity to indicate their study and sleep habits, as well as their main academic interests. The roommate preference form should be completed as thoroughly as possible. Hopkins-Nanjing Center staff take these forms into consideration when making roommate selections, and try their best to make as many Chinese-international roommate pairings as possible. The majority of students found that the Center's multicultural residential community greatly contributed to their overall student experience, and helped facilitate intellectual discussions.

Admissions Coordinator and HNC '12 alumna Lauren Szymanski states, "My roommate and I actually enrolled in some of the same Chinese courses, which allowed us to continue our discussions outside of the classroom, and even throw around a few paper ideas." Shared interests are also taken into consideration when finalizing roommate pairings at the Center. Lauren says, "We quickly realized that we both loved to play the piano, and we also listened to Chinese traditional erhu music together. It was always a nice little study break which we both looked forward to!"