Monday, April 22, 2013

Open House and Wall Walk in Nanjing

Thank you to all admitted students who submitted their reply forms over the weekend!  This past Friday and Saturday we also held admitted student events in Nanjing.  Angela Chang, the American Academic Coordinator at the HNC, fills us in on the recent Center happenings:

"Last weekend, we hosted a variety of events at the HNC for some of our admitted students currently based in greater China.  One student, however, even flew in all the way from the US to attend!  On Thursday evening, Robert Daly, a former American Co-Director and creator of the HNC City Wall Walk, gave a lecture on the development of the ancient Nanjing city wall, providing historical depth and context which would have otherwise been lost on us.  On Friday, students had the chance to sit in on classes, have lunch with the co-directors and Chinese faculty, take a tour of the Center and the surrounding neighborhood, and speak with students at the weekly happy hour.  On Saturday, they joined the HNC community on a day-long hike of the Nanjing city wall, making their way through a maze of concrete streets, wooded paths, and mossy bricks.  Although the day was quite cold, they were welcomed back to the Center with piles of 烧烤.  Overall, it was a great opportunity for those who attended to get a taste of life in the Center and in Nanjing.  I hope those of you reading this will come and experience it personally for yourselves this fall!"