Monday, April 8, 2013

Meeting Your Condition to Admission

Each year, the Hopkins-Nanjing Center conditionally admits a select few students who are exceptional applicants in almost every way but score slightly below the recommended level on the Chinese proficiency test.  The condition they must meet before matriculating is usually to enroll in an intensive Chinese summer language program, retake the CAL test over the summer, or both. 

Were you conditionally admitted?  Follow the guidelines below to ensure a successful start at the HNC this fall:
  • If you are required to retake the Center for Applied Linguistics (CAL) Chinese proficiency test to meet your condition, be sure to request the test with enough time to take and mail the completed materials back to our office for scoring by July 31.
  • For those who are required to enroll in an intensive language program over the summer, please confirm your summer plans with our office.  If you need any program recommendations or have questions on what qualifies as a summer program, please also contact us at
  • Although you have until the summer to meet your condition, be sure to indicate your intent to enroll by submitting your reply forms by the April 21 reply form deadline!
  • One final tip from alumni: Reading Chinese news articles and listening to podcasts over the summer are also great ways to build or maintain the vocabulary needed to succeed at the Center.
Best of luck to those working to meet their condition to admission!  For all admitted students, don’t forget the April 21 reply form deadline!