Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Hassenfeld Social Enterprise Fund

Hopkins-Nanjing Center Certificate and Master of Arts students have the opportunity to compete in the creation of innovative, sustainable projects that address a social need in the Nanjing community. Learn more about the competition and this year's winning team from Hugh Sullivan, HNC Assistant Director of Development:

The Hopkins-Nanjing Center (HNC) is pleased to announce this year’s winning team in The Hassenfeld Social Enterprise Fund Competition, Volunteer Nanjing. The team will build a bilingual website to connect organizations, non-profits, and charities with volunteers in Nanjing, a service that they demonstrated is in high demand.

Nanjing Connect presents their web platform at the HNC 25th Anniversary
The Hassenfeld Social Enterprise Fund Competition is an annual competition to identify a project valued for its social impact and innovation, potential to make a lasting contribution to social outcomes, and promise for nurturing a sense of community between Chinese and international members of The Hopkins-Nanjing Center (HNC). It was initiated as part of a $2.2 million gift commitment to The Johns Hopkins University Paul H. Nitze School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS) in 2011 by the Hassenfeld Family Foundation. Every year, students form teams composed of 50% Chinese members and 50% international members. Each team generates and submits a proposal to develop and implement projects with a concrete deliverable that addresses a social need or problem. A special committee then assesses student proposals, focusing particularly on scalability, sustainability, and the degree to which each project leverages its team members’ unique skills as HNC students.

2013 witnessed the competition’s second cycle. Last year’s winning team, Nanjing Connect, has been developing a web platform to offer small and medium enterprises business analysis focused on current business issues related to China. It will present all articles in bilingual format, with both Chinese and English translations, and it is scheduled to launch in the coming few weeks.

The Hassenfeld Family Foundation is focused on reducing the dire need of children the world over, empowering women globally in order to break the cycle of violence, and serving as a catalyst for young social entrepreneurs to improve the world through their involvement. A longtime and steadfast supporter of the HNC, it helps fund the Stephen D. Hassenfeld Fellowship, which provides multiple scholarships to incoming HNC students. 

Please keep an eye out for more news and accomplishments of our Hassenfeld Social Enterprise Fund entrepreneurs!