Friday, January 4, 2013

Five-Semester Option Applications are due this Monday!

Best wishes for 2013 from the International Admissions team!  As a reminder, the deadline for Five-Semester Option applications is this Monday, January 7th.  You can log on to our online application system here.  Feel free to contact our DC offices with any last-minute questions you may have (, or 202-663-5806).  For those of you applying to the certificate or MAIS programs, applications are due February 1st, and completed CAL Chinese Proficiency Exams for all three programs must be submitted by January 21.  We’re looking forward to reading your applications!

Kaelyn Lowmaster, a current Five-Semester Option student entering her second semester at SAIS in DC, emphasizes how integral her year at the Hopkins-Nanjing Center has been to her academic experience: 

The Hopkins-Nanjing Center Library
“Earning my HNC certificate has really focused the rest of my graduate study.  I’m currently dual concentrating in China Studies and Conflict Management here at SAIS, a combination that for me was the natural extension of my experience in HNC’s bilingual, multicultural academic environment.  The Center has also made me a better researcher – being able to use Chinese-language resources as part of my coursework in DC has expanded my perspective and helped me understand my classes here in a more comprehensive way.  The Hopkins-Nanjing Center was the foundation for my master’s degree, and has been critical for getting the most out of my time at SAIS.”