Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Fall Recruiting Wrap-Up

Washington University, St. Louis
Middlebury College
Brigham Young University

University of North Carolina
University of Milan
The fall recruiting season has officially concluded and our entire admissions staff is now back in the office and available to answer your application questions.  This fall our DC-based admissions team visited 95 US universities and three each in Canada, the UK, and Italy.  The American Academic Coordinator in Nanjing, Angela Chang, also visited dozens of study abroad programs in Beijing, Shanghai, Harbin, and Hangzhou and also recently returned from a recruiting trip to Korea.  As we've mentioned, about 15% of international students are citizens of countries other than the US, so we were excited to reach out to new countries this year.  We also listened to your suggestions on Twitter when creating the recruiting calendar, so if you would like an admissions representative to visit your school next year, please email or tweet at us!

We enjoyed meeting every single one of you while on the road and look forward to reading your applications in February.  If you haven't started your application yet, it's not too late!  The application deadline for the HNC Certificate and MAIS program is February 1 while the application deadline for the Five-Semester Option is just under a month away on January 7.  For all three programs, the deadline for taking the Chinese proficiency exam is January 21.  Please let us know if you have any questions at all regarding the application process!