Wednesday, March 25, 2020

HNC Career Services in the Time of COVID-19

Some of you may be wondering how the HNC is moving forward with student services during this unprecedented and challenging time. HNC career services activities and offerings are being adjusted to meet the changing circumstances of COVID-19. Below are just a few of the virtual Career Services initiatives being offered to the HNC student community.

SAIS-Wide Virtual Career Services
HNC students can now benefit from expanded access to virtual career services programming in DC and Bologna as well as HNC-specific programming. Through increasing connectivity and cooperation between campuses, the HNC is dramatically expanding the services available to students, even in this time of uncertainty. 

Zoom Alumni/Employer Chats
HNC Career Services hosts regular online video interviews and Q&As with alumni working in a variety of different sectors and regions. 

Online Skills Courses

Students continue to have access to online skills courses this semester through Handshake, JHU's professional development and student employment system. Available courses include: Quantitative Methods, Spreadsheet Modeling, Introductory Finance, Advanced Financial Accounting, and Introductory Financial Accounting.

Zoom Career Workshop Sessions

Starting the first week of March, HNC Career Services Coordinator Michael Hoffman holds weekly career workshops via Zoom to review career related topics and best practices. Past workshops include: 
  • Careers in China During a Time of Uncertainty. What to expect from employers in China; Staying on track during the virus situation; Being prepared to ride the post-virus wave 2; Hedging your bets on China and planning strategically.
  • Cover Letters and Gaming the Applicant Track System (ATS). What is ATS and how to get your application in the top 25%; What are cover letters and why are they important; How to craft an effective cover letter; Tips and things to avoid when writing a cover letter.
  • Salary: Negotiation and Where to Start. How and when to put a price tag around your neck; What to do when asked "what is your salary expectation?"; how to answer "how much do you make now?"; How to research salaries; How to negotiate for a higher salary.
Counseling Appointments
Students have access to career counseling sessions with Michael Hoffman by appointment via Zoom or WeChat between the hours of 9am-5pm ET, Monday through Friday.